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Counsellings Services

Couples usually aren't prepared for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility due to the apprehensions attached to it.this indeed is one of the greatest challenges that couples face together. Fertility treatment is an elaborate and emotionally draining process that can affect a work, family, relationship, self-esteem and social life.

  • How to deal with your near ones, getting pregnant and having babies?
  • Who to blurt out your feelings and what to tell?
  • How to deal with unwanted questions and/or comments?
  • How to keep off the stress?
  • How to keep your relationship strong during this phase?
  • How to work out the frequent absences from the workplace?
  • How to derive the strength and strategies to keep going from cycle to cycle?

It is strongly advised that anyone who undergoes fertility treatment should attend at least one counselling session at the beginning of the treatment. At our Centre, you will get an excellent opportunity to use a complimentary counselling session once during or after every stimulated cycle. You will get to know more about the emotional processes involved in the treatment of fertility, realistic expectations(physical and emotional) of outcomes, and preparing for the rollercoaster of emotions. .

It is very common that you get cold feet with the name of counsellings, which you might think means there is something wrong with you or it is a sign of weakness or shortcoming and inability to handle treatment. However, this is not the case, infertility counselling helps you cope better with stresses, manage emotions, whether related to treatment or not, and eventually prevent long-term problems, like depression or anxiety. Therefore , our aim is to help you gain a sense of control over your situation and be happy amidst treatment. As Counsellors, our role is to help you identify the strategies that would suit you the best. We become a therapist, mediator, support person, educator, counsellor, and life coach for you.


IInfertility and its treatment are known to be a highly stressful life event, for both women and men. For this reason, mental health professionals provide an important component of infertility treatment. Unfortunately, the widespread agreement despite the role of mental health support during fertility treatment, it seems that only a small segment of patients actually participate in counselling sessions.

stress and general health have a wide association that is widely recognized. Poorer mental health makes a patient vulnerable to physical illness and changes their perception of nature symptoms. Stress is known to cause of a diverse range of physical illnesses and influences the outcome and course of illness. There is a clear relationship between stress and fertility rates, and also between stress and successful results from assisted reproductive technologies. Higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety in women have also shown lower pregnancy rates.

Unfortunately, for many couples, stress is one of the reasons for infertility but often can also arise as a result of its treatment.

There are a large number of direct biological mechanisms by which psychological distress increases the risk of infertility.

These relate to elevated levels of prolactin or cortisol level (psychoendocrinology) (Psychoimmunology that leads to impaired immune defences) and poor lifestyle choices like smoking, alcohol consumption and poor nutrition. The clearest associations have been seen in regards to the effect of stress altering levels of corticotropin-releasing hormones and reduced levels of luteinising hormones, which therefore affects fertility.

Infertility treatment is one of the major factors to contribute to depression, stress, increased rates of anxiety, relationship troubles, feelings of isolation and guilt, adjustment to social problems, and sexual disinterest. Unrealistic expectations of the success of treatment have greatly contributed to the development of depression in patients receiving IVF. Many studies have shown that the stress while undergoing the infertility treatment is a major cause of patients stopping the intervention.
Fortunately, various studies demonstrate that reducing stress in individuals diagnosed with infertility is possible. Various psychotherapeutic interventions, such as counselling, hypnotherapy, relaxation, psychotherapy, cognitive therapy and cognitive behavioural group interventions reduce the stress of infertility and its treatment and even result in improved rates of pregnancy.

If you are concerned that the infertility treatment you are undergoing, is stressful or if you suffer through other types of stress in your life, you can surely benefit from counselling. Counselling helps you learn more effective strategies to manage your stress, and solve your problem while beating some of these stresses. The goal of counselling in your fertility treatment is to improve your emotional and psychological functioning and help you make a family of your own. For more information on the topic, fix an appointment with the counsellor.

Treatment involving the use of donor gametes (egg, embryo or sperm) needs prior counselling before commencing treatment. Recipients, Donors and spouses/partners should attend counselling for discussing the psychosocial as well as the legal issues relating to this type of treatment.

Our team of counsellors are registered, psychologists and social workers.

Therapeutic counselling: This type of counselling aims to help people to face the consequences of infertility and treatment and solve problems of infertility by a proper diagnosis of infertility. It includes encouraging people to balance expectations and move towards accepting their current situation.

Decision making counselling: People require counselling at significant points during treatment, to help them make decisions involving the management of their treatment .

Supportive counselling: This counselling provides emotional support and aid to people going through extreme stress.

Crisis counselling: This counselling is for people who experience a crisis or adverse outcome whilst undertaking treatment.

Implications counselling: Counselling is available to help people to understand the aftermaths of their treatment and their children born as a result of treatment.


For counselling make an appointment with INDIA IVF CLINIC. A counselling appointment can be made through telephone for a suitable time.

r Counselling services are open for both patients and non-patients. For our fully stimulated cycles, we offer one free session to our patients


You can know our counsellors in our team section.

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